At Studio Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati, our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for specialist advice from public and private clients operating in the various sectors of Administrative Law. Having provided legal counsel across all areas of our expertise over the years, our extensive judicial and extra judicial experience has shaped the Studio as a key player in the current legal framework. We operate within the ever-strengthening relationship between the Administrative and Civil Law sectors, with particular attention to Corporate and Financial Law. The importance of this relationship has now extended across both national and international markets, particularly due to the influence of key independent authorities that regulate areas such as antitrust, the Stock Exchange and financial brokerage, as well as other entities operating in the field of public utilities (including energy, water, telecommunications and transport).
We consider one or our fundamental strengths to be our ability to continually update and evolve our practice in order to accommodate for a constantly developing legal system. This evolution opened the way for VILDE to deal with new matters, such as Public Transport, Public International & EU Law, Sports Law & Justice . VILDE’s dynamic structure means that our lawyers, spread across Milan, Rome, Bologna and Padua, can satisfy our clients’ every need quickly and efficiently.