Public International & Eu Law

VILDE has been involved in several complex cases, where to arrive at the satisfactory solution for the Customer, in the context of international Transactions, it has been necessary to identify the appropriate methods of adaptation of the Italian internal regulations to sources such as international treaties, as well as EU Law, with all its regulations and directives.

This need for adaptation relates to the application of the principles inferred from the rules of positive law, which could concern the competition between companies at the international level or the freedom of establishment of companies in the European Union, as well as EU rules on State aids and on the energy market.

European sources of law, including the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), are increasingly affecting internal substantive and procedural law.

This has prompted VILDE to create a multidisciplinary team that includes experts who, working also as consultants for the European Commission and the Italian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, deal with these issues on a daily basis.