Villata, Degli Esposti, Tarabini e Associati

VILDE Law Firm

The Law Firm VILDE - Villata, Degli Esposti, Tarabini, and Associates aims to meet the growing demands of private and public entities operating in all sectors regulated by administrative law.

Thanks to decades of experience in extrajudicial consultancy and judicial assistance, VILDE has acquired a leading role in public law, expanding its expertise to the field of European Union law and Sports Justice.

Particular attention has always been given to areas of civil law closely related to administrative law, especially corporate and financial law, in which VILDE has handled the public law aspects of extraordinary operations, also collaborating with specialized firms in corporate and international law.

The recent integration with the Law Firm of attorney Giorgio Tarabini, the culmination of a long and intense collaboration, has strengthened the Firm's operations in the field of contracts.

One of the strengths of the VILDE Law Firm is the careful and punctual professional updating required for all professionals present in Milan, Rome, Sondrio, Bologna, and Padua, with the aim of satisfying clients' needs with maximum speed and precision.


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