It is not easy to categorize the target clientele of VILDE Law Firm into rigid categories: numerous subjects have to deal with administrative law provisions in the conduct of their activities, just as there are many occasions where relationships between private individuals and public administrations, as well as between private individuals, are governed by provisions of public law. The firm's clients include:

Multinational and large companies, both Italian and foreign, as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises
Airport and railway operators, as well as operators of local public transportation
Insurance companies
Credit institutions (banks)
Oil companies
Energy and/or Telecommunications operators
Companies owning Shopping Centers and medium and large retail outlets
Construction companies
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, and Medical Diagnostic Institutes
Hotel chains and tourist accommodation facilities
Professional associations (such as the Notaries' Association, Architects' Association, Surveyors' Association, Engineers' Association, and Medical Doctors' Association) and individual professionals belonging to these associations
Public Administrations Municipalities and other local authorities

Furthermore, VILDE frequently collaborates with other legal firms, both Italian and foreign, providing their expertise to cover the needs of the clientele in border areas, for example, in commercial and corporate law, and criminal law.