Town–Planning & Building Regulation

The Studio offers a high level of expertise in the management of relations between Public Administrations and private entities that intend to undertake urban development projects and construction activities. This management involves resolving inherent issues surrounding all levels of urban planning and the executive aspects of construction work.
These cases regarding the use of land have a fundamental effect on the development of industry and businesses operating in tourism, services and commerce (see Commerce and Industrial Sites)
The identification of the areas where to locate new production facilities, as well as the determination of some of the structural characteristics are entrusted to urban planning tools specifically sector plans, as it happens in urban regeneration connected to the land redevelopment programs.
The legal advice we provide in this area generally comprises of the processing and stipulation of any necessary agreements. Furthermore, the Studio provides counsel in areas of expropriation proceedings concerning the implementation of every type of public intervention, in order to advise clients under expropriation.
Special focus is given to the regulations governing protected cultural, architectural and landscape amenities, which are comprised of not only the restraints aspects but also the management models (such as PPPs between museum trusts and private entities, societies for the development of cultural amenities).