Public Utilities

One of our distinctive attributes is the attention we dedicate to public utilities regulations, which play a fundamental role in the dynamics between Public Administration and companies and between companies and final user. VILDE obtained this expertise from the comprehensive consultancy we provided to leading companies operating in this sector.

Having focused on legislative developments, case-law and socio-economic demands emerging from Italian operational practice, we have developed a full understanding of:
  • Landline, mobile and satellite telecommunications that deal with issues arising before competent Public Administrations/Independent Authorities, either in the planning, installation and management of networks, or in their connection and traffic conduct;
  • Local public transport, having advised foreign and Italian clients throughout all areas of the legal process, from the initial phase of implementing new management systems, onward;
  • The complex problems linked to the recent liberalisation of the energy and natural resources markets, including production, supply and distribution issues;
  • The water utilities sector, comprising the production/distribution of drinking water, and collection/purification of wastewater;
  • The foundation of PPPs, and, more generally, the identification and implementation of business models for local public utilities.