Public Transport

The complexity of the local public transport regulatory system has been highlighted since the survey carried out in 2013 from the 9th Transport Commission.

The topic concerns, among other things, company legislation, the methods of assigning services, the issue of transport financing, the relationships between local and national legislative competences, the discipline of works, goods and services procurement.

The methods of entrusting and managing the services in question fall within the matter of “protection of competition”, while in general local public transport is subject to residual power by the Regions. These procedures are defined at European level by Regulation (EC) no. 1370/2007. Whereas at regional level the law decree n. 50 of 2017 (converted into law 96/2017) introduced new principles regarding the awarding of services and the choice of the contractor, as well as compensation, service levels, and the definition of areas and basins of the public service.

Procurement is regulated by the rules governing special sectors of the public contracts code.

VILDE can boast a particular knowledge of the relevant legislation for the sector at issue, having provided assistance to Italian and foreign customers right from the start-up phase of the new management system. We had the chance to devote due consideration to regulatory developments, jurisprudential guidelines and socio-economic issues emerging in operating practice.